Samini and E.L. Songs – Most downloading Ghanaian Musics

Music is the art of best arrangement of the sounds, the music is not just the entertainment the people but the some music like folk music represents the social culture of the particular society. Music is really best activity for the refresh mood. The new generation of the music is major differing from the original culture music, however this new generation of music love by youth.

The music of African continental country music popularity is explored beyond the African lands and this trend is increasing in the world. However, the Ghanaian and Nigerian Musician are the most famous among African countries, actually the West African countries has a multi cultural and the people enjoy the modern or cultural music. The young music artists of Ghana and Nigeria introduce the new style of music instead of the local.

Ghanaian Music

Ghanaian people are enjoying the modern and traditional music, the High-life music style is origin of the Ghana land, the local Ghanaian people popular the High-life style among the African countries in this middle century. The High-life is generating by the Jazzy horn and guitars. This music style is shadow of the local cultural music. A combination of the original High-life and American style Hip-hop is Hip-life style and it is performed by the many young Ghanaian musicians. In the middles of twenty the Juju style are performed by the Nigerian or Ghanaian artists.

Elrom Adablah or Samini Batman

The numbers of E. L. Songs or Samini Songs are most download songs among Ghanaian music songs. Many young entrepreneurs of Ghanaian musician are focused on the international audience, E. L., or Samini Batman are the young Ghanaian musician and you often saw them on stage of live concert with the famous artist.

E.L., Elrom Adablha is a Ghana music award winner is the talented young musician, songwriter, music producer and sound engineers the famous style of rapper, hip-hop or Azonto are the style which use by him in his music. He is a best African rapper and Afro pop star, he is the producer of the well-known Hip-hop Ghanaian song “Get on The Dance Floor”.

Samini is another young Ghanaian musician known as Samini batman (officially change at his 25th birthday). He has won the second MTV African Music Awards in 2009. Samini, Emmanuel Andrews Samini is famous for Reggae, Afro pop, Hip-hop, Hip-life music style. His Samini songs Album is released in 2007. He has also won the he MOBO “Music of Black Origin” awards for the “Best African Act” in 2006.

In the last decade, the Ghanaian young musician has made their place in world music platform they are popular among the youth of the world. The new generation of the Ghanaian or Nigerian musician are lucky to show their talent not only in Africa but also in other countries and got performing experience with the world music icons.


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