R2bees and Samini the Revolutionary Musicians of Ghana

Ghanaian Music is the cocktail of the origin country and western style of the songs and artist of the country takes the revaluation in the country traditional songs style and they are mix the western style and genre with their origin style and the people of the Ghana it love the cocktail version of the music! That’s the inspiring to many young musicians to perform the fusions of the western and culture style!

R2bees is the popular musical group of the Ghana and especial this group known for the revolutionary hiphop and hiplife style of the Ghana, this R2bees has the interesting meaning actually this group name is giving to the message of the Refuse 2Be Broke! This group is taking the new creativity in the Ghanaian music industries in the 2008 from the small town Tema and people of the Ghana and the Africa are crazy for R2bees songs.

Faisal Hakeem and Rashid Mugeez two young boys made the R2bees musical group, R2bees songs are the full of the hiphop and Afrobeatz styles and the more than the 201K twitter follower of this group not just in the Ghana but also outside of the country. The thousands of time watching and download R2bees Songs of the album “Some Body Loves you” with the Bruna Boy on the internet site.

The R2bees is not just the perform in the Africa but also they are the sharing the stage with the popular artist of the Nigeria and Africa, so many songs lovers are download R2bees songs for their energetic performance, they are the start the new trend in the music of the Ghana. The Some Body Loves you albums is the very popular in the African song listener this albums full of the beautiful lyrics, music beat and the hiphop.

R2bees Revolutionary group is the top in the downloading Ghanaian music and the group recently perform the live stage show in the born town Tema stadium, this show was enjoying by the Tema people and also so much song lover listen and watched this lovely concert on the internet.

The other rapper of the Ghana Samini is the popular rapper of the Ghana and Samini songs has the huge crowd of the listener on the internet and the CD player, Emmanuel Andrew’s Samini is the origin from the Accra a largest city of the Ghana, Samini also known as the Batman Samini actually Batman adopt the name with samini after the successful albums title is “Samini” in 2007.

Batman Samini Songs are really entertaining to the listener he won the many reputed awards of the music in his almost 15 years professional career likes the MOBO awards in 2006 for the best African act, and the MTV Africa Music Awards for best performer in 2009. The man start his professional career in just the teenage age, Samini last year (2014) released the studio albums High –Grade this albums is also get the nice place in the music listeners.


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